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Work Can Wait

Starring: Tori Easton

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VRBTrans Published on Sep 25, 2023
Have you ever worked without even leaving your home office? You know what we mean – during these post-pandemic times, a lot of companies started to use such 'remote' solutions for their employees. We thought that these days this is something so normal, that we simply have to make one of our bareback Shemale VR xxx movies out of the abovementioned scenario – and that's how we created the one that you're about to witness. Work Can Wait is our latest TS VR porn experience with a sloppy blowjob inside of which you'll be having a Zoom call from your boss that has to be taken care of. Your executive will be an asshole and his mouth won't shut up even for a second – but, fortunately for you, your hot Trans wifey will be around to make it all a little bit more interesting. That wonderful teen TS VR porn star (Tori Easton) will come to you and literally tell you that she's really horny right now – but since you'll be working, she'll have to go elsewhere and take care on her own (at least presumably). She won't give up that easily, though, and will just stay out there with you to start interrupting you – and she won't care that you're in the middle of the conversation with your boss, at all. Now you only have to make sure that the asshole won't find out that she's kneeling in front of you and sucking your cock – and even if he will, well… that's too bad! At least now you two can fuck properly and forget about this douchebag. That's why we want you to wear your VR goggles here and now and join us at VRBTrans.com – both your boss and Tori are waiting for you, so why won't you join them as we speak?
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