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Hot Chocolate

Starring: Luna Corazon

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RealJamVR Published on Sep 27, 2023
Ebony babe Luna Corazon comes into the bedroom wearing some very sexy, pink lingerie while he man lays on the bed relaxing. She sits in a nearby chair and pulls the top of her lingerie down, revealing her small, perky tits while she looks at him and talks to him. She wastes very little time getting out of the lingerie then licking her fingers and rubbing her pussy. A little pussy teasing leads to her walking over to the bed and pulling his underwear off so she can wrap her nice lips around his cock. She gives him head until he is nice and hard then gets on top and slams herself down on his dick. While making sexy eye contact and moaning, she rides his cock and lets him play with her clit. His hands and dick working her pussy makes her lose her mind as she closes her eyes and cums all over his shaft. Luna turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl style while looking back over her shoulder at him. He grabs her round ass and pushes her down on his cock, fucking her wet pussy nice and hard. She jumps off his cock and strokes his dick with her hand while he drives two fingers into her pussy and finger-fucks her. After cumming again, she has him stand up so she can lay on the bed and suck his cock while looking up at him. He fucks her mouth then flips her around and fucks her pussy from behind. Her third orgasm cums as she holds his hand while he buries his dick deep inside her then he pulls out and cums all over her nice ass and back.
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