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Dating In the Living Room

Starring: Luna Corazon

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RealJamVR Published on Oct 21, 2023
He met Luna on a website and was very happy this ebony hottie agreed to meet him for coffee, but he was even happier when she agreed to go hang out at his place. Back at his house, she wanted him to strip so he took his clothes off and watched as she stripped while looking at him then she sat back in a chair, spread her legs, and rubbed her wet pussy. Her fingers felt good, but she came her for some dick so she gave him head then got on top and sank that white shaft all the way into her shaved, black pussy. This sexy girl worked her hips and rode that dick until she came before letting him bend her over so he could feel her ass while drilling her from behind. This hot first date came to an end when he came all over her tight body and great tits.
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