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Room Service

Starring: Jack Waters

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VRBGay Published on Oct 2, 2023
Welcome to the Hotel of VR Bangers Gay! Here everything is special and you're about to get the best VIP treatment you've ever had – and since we're talking about one of our bareback gay VR xxx movies when having it all in mind… Yeah, something tells us that you'll love this latest release of ours! First things first, though, as this new gay virtual reality porn release is a little bit more complex – and it's called the Room Service not without a reason. So, what's going to happen today? Well, you'll come to our prestigious hotel – and, even more than that, you're about to become one of our biggest VIPs. The one that has direct contact with the managers and has to be serviced with the utmost care – which will, unfortunately, happen to be the problem for one of our gay workers… We're talking about Jack Waters – a cute twink gay VR sex performer you've always wanted to bang – who'll be servicing you today and who's gonna totally ruin your baggage, even though he'll be told to treat it with the utmost care and attention. So what can you do now? Call the bosses of VRBGay.com, perhaps? Get him fired? Or maybe let him make up for his mistakes and show you that reporting his would be a bad decision – and that you two can definitely find a solution for this little impasse that will be satisfying for both parties in this troublesome situation. After all, this blonde gay VR porn star has some 'assets' that might be pretty valuable for you – so as long as you're going to give him a chance to make it all up to you… Maybe you're even gonna think that your bags were worth the treatment you've received for having them ruined? Well, you'll have to wear your VR goggles to find that out!
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