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Famous Actor In The Gym

Starring: Jkab Dale

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VRBGay Published on Oct 4, 2023
Have you ever wanted to meet one of these famous actors? You know, these hot dudes with perfect bodies who are like walking definitions of being hot and sexy… after all, they do have normal lives too, don't they? Yes, they do! This means they're also going to public places from time to time – including gyms, which will be the case on behalf of our latest gay virtual reality porn release called The Famous Actor In The Gym. It's gonna get even more interesting, as right after wearing your VR goggles at VRBGay.com, you'll get to become one of these super-famous dudes – and the one who's today chilling out at the gym of VR Bangers Gay next to a personal trainer who's doing his best to take care of you. The guy will make sure to show you the proper exercises – but he'll not be the only person paying attention to you, since you'll be constantly looked at by this hot dude working out next to you. As soon as your coach will be gone, the guy will get closer to you, and you'll find out that he's Jkab Dale – one of these muscular gay VR porn stars. He'll be there since he's recognized you and he's always wanted to meet you – and now when he finally has the occasion, he's so stressed he doesn't even know what to say… And that's how we're getting to the second part of this interracial gay VR xxx movie since only moments later your #1 fan is gonna drop one of the barbells on your coach – and thus persuading him to leave you for good to take care of his newly created wound. This also means that now it's only you and this shaved gay VR sex performer – and something tells us he won't let that amazing and sexy opportunity go to waste…
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