VR Anal Sex part 7

Starring: Lady Zee

What might we see with Lady Zee? Into the white room we go, let’s meet Zee, a slinky brunette who looks like a very naughty girl with her tell-tale tattoos, it says devil on her belly, she has an innocent face but she’s no angel. She beckons us with her finger, “I’m very happy you are visiting me for a great anal sex experience, fuck me” she says and off we go for an anal show. Zee is quite tiny, the fine features of her pretty face contrast with the big juicy cock, she slips the swollen dick head into her mouth, her lips clasping it fully as she dribbles on it lavishing it. She wants that cock; clad in her white stockings she sits on the huge cock and it’s time to rock. She’s only small and she can feel this one deep inside as her smooth soaking pussy lips are pumped, she’s literally moaning with joy as the thrusting thrills her sopping wet clit. It’s time for anal, she gently sits on the guy’s cock, “see Zee on top”. The huge cock slips into her tight little asshole, just how will that feel as he glides into her chocolate starfish. Gasping slightly as he enters her, this has a real feel and it's made all the more realistic in VR. Zee takes it up the ass, gently building her climax, we are right in on the money shot, she clearly loves it up the ass. This is a masturbation masterpiece, she moans gleefully as the ass fuck speeds up right up her asshole, she’s cuming, orgasming from rear ramming up her ring. They switch positions time and time again, doggy, on top they can’t stop. Her ass and pussy are in your face as you see the guy’s cock slide again up into her brown star until they are exhausted. If you like anal then Lady Zee is the one to see, this is a classic bum banging bonanza. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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