Draining my Muscle

Starring: Manuel Skye

Manuel Skye is a hot muscle Latino guy who just can't wait to go to the gym every day. He goes there all the time to make his muscles tired and to work on his body so that all of the guys will think he is hot stuff. Today he got back from the gym all tired and ready to chill out, but when he got home, he noticed something was amiss. His roommate was on his bed and acting kind of sly. Manuel always had kind of a crush on his roomie so he wasn't too upset about it, but he wondered what his roommate had in mind. Well, Manuel decided to put on a sexy show for his roommate to show off what he did at the gym. First, he starts out just showing off his muscles but then he gets into some sexy moves and shows you more than you bargained for since you are in the seat of the erotic roommate. When he feels up to it, Manny starts to rub his nice thick rod for your viewing pleasure. He wants you to know what you're missing out on as his roommate and how much he wants to fuck you someday. Of course, he's not ready to do fuck party today, so he just does a solo session, but you can get a preview of how sexy he is. Mr. Skye is about 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a nice thick-cut body with a salt-and-pepper type of beard. He's the kind of DILF you notice at the grocery store and then gets an instant boner, and now here he is, rubbing one out right in front of you for your personal pleasure. You sure made the right decision when you signed the lease to move into this place! Watch as Manuel Skye jerks off in this hot gay VR porn video now!
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