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Happy Bending

Starring: Manuel Skye

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VRBGay Published on Nov 5, 2023
Wow. You've been feeling so stressed out lately, haven't you? Hitting the gym hard, working all your muscles, and not giving yourself any release. Luckily you've decided to treat yourself to this massage. This masseur had some great reviews online and he is totally hot which you consider a major bonus. You show up to the place and get relaxed. Then the magic starts to happen. This rub down goes innocently enough at first, that is until your masseur notices that your cock is rock hard from all of this intimate attention. Your whole body is already lubed up with slick massage oil and once your masseur, the sexy Manuel Skye, notices that your dick is lifting up the towel he used to cover it modestly, he decides to include your cock in the pleasurable experience. That really gets you going as he lubes up your well-seasoned fuck stick with the oil and it becomes a slippery playground of lubed-up goodness. You find that you wish he would fuck you and stick your well-lubed cock in his ass. Like he is reading your mind without dirty talk Manuel does just that, hopping on top of you to pleasure his prostate and asshole using your rod. You may wonder if Manuel does this with all of his massage clients and the answer is that he only does it with the ones that he likes who he thinks are cute! Watch this scene go down in completely beautiful and crisp 4K HD in your VR Headset whether you are using Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Playstation VR, Oculus, VIVE, or Daydream, you will be quite happy with the result of this Gay VR Porn Video! All you have to do is strap it on to you and make your sexual fantasies come true with a hot guy like Manuel at the ready for a good fucking!
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