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Gias Apple And Cherry Strudel

Starring: Gia Derza

swallowbay VR Porn Profile
SwallowBay Published on Nov 3, 2023
There’s nothing at all wrong with having VR sex with older women, but it’s a really selfish act. When you take time to play with an experienced girl, you enjoy all the skills she's developed. It’s all fine, but sometimes you have to give back to the community. That’s where a girl like Gia Derza comes into play. Gia is young and the girl is still trying to build all the experience that the older women have. When you spend time with this VR brunette on SwallowBay, you’re helping to teach her how to suck dick like a champ. Her small tits and big ass can bring all the boys to her bedroom. But, knowing what to do with them is up to you. That’s why it’s important to grab onto her pigtails as soon as you feel her young mouth close around your cock. You can use them to guide her head and make sure that you’re leading her in the right direction. Her mouth has only had a few dicks in it. Gia wants to make sure that she’s using her tongue to VR massage your shaft well. It’s also a good idea to let her know when this young thing is doing a good job. All it takes is letting your balls explode and filling her throat with a nice load. That will be all the evidence Gia needs. It will show that she's getting better with every VR blowjob she gives. Wait until she’s old enough to have years of experience. Gia will be the best blowjob artist in the world and none of the other girls will even come close to having her skills.
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