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80s Flashback Generation X Tries Family Sex


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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 8, 2023
Its the start of another year, nineteen eighty something and the biggest hit at the box office is 'Pussybusters.' All young Johnny wants is to see the movie that his friends are talking about. His stepmother Tiffany is insistent that they not go see the film because it sounds far too smutty. Johnnys father says that if he can convince mother to allow it, they can go. He leaves them to discuss the matter. Johnny knows just how to convince mom. He knows she is horny and neglected by dad so he goes right after her big-tits with his hands and mouth. She is happy to have his hard cock in her mouth and then her pussy. They are so busy banging that they dont notice Tiffanys daughter Roxy when she comes home from the mall. Now that she sees how brother is always talking mom into letting him do things, Roxy decides to try that method herself. She has been dying to see her favorite band Tabba in concert, but her parents told her know. She goes into the room where dad is reading and she is going to do whatever it takes to get him to say yes. He looks at his stepdaughter with her feathered blonde hair and acid-washed jeans and cant help but be turned on a little. She starts teasing his cock with her feet and before he can say no, Roxy has it in her mouth. He puts her on the table and starts fucking her. All those Jane Fonda workout tapes have made her body as tight as her shaved-pussy. Eventually the noise from their fucking brought Tiffany and Johnny into the room. No one can really be upset since everyone is fucking so they just decide to go with it. Johnny has always wanted to fuck Roxy and since he has already fucked dad and is the school slut, she doesnt have any objections to taking his cock into her. Dad is happy to have his wife back and all warmed up for action. Mother and daughter work together to make dad explode on their faces and then do it all over again to make sure Johnny feeds them all of his cream. No need for a movie or a concert. This horny eighties family is just going to stay home and fuck each other silly.
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