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Learning From Mom


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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 13, 2023
Tiffany Rousso and her husband are a little concerned about their daughter Roxy. She is a pretty young college student who always works hard in class and has plenty of friends. But when it comes to boys and sex, Roxy is very naive. The night before, they had heard some odd moaning and sexual sounds coming from the bathroom after Roxy had taken her shower. They decide it is time to have the sex talk with their pretty blonde daughter. Catching in the middle of her nightly workout, they sit her down and do their best to pass on the information she will need for healthy sexual relationships. Tiffany waits for her husband to leave the room and then asks daughter if she knows how to masturbate. Embarrassed Roxy confesses that she was trying to make herself cum in the bathroom, but just didnt quite know how to do it. Assuring daughter that it is perfectly natural, Tiffany takes out her big-tits and shows Roxy how to rub her nipples and get warmed up. Spreading her legs, Roxy follows moms instructions and slides her fingers between her legs until they pop into her sweet virgin pussy. Watching mom do it, Roxy follows instructions and picks up the pace. With mom guiding the way, Roxy races towards her first real orgasm. She cant believe how good it feels and is so grateful for Tiffanys help. 'Mom, can you show me how to give a blowjob next?'
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