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How I Wet My Mother

Starring: Kayla Green

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 12, 2023
Kayla Green comes home after a long day at work and finds her stepson casually kicking back by the pool. She is livid. He is supposed to be in class at the local college, but has blown it off to be lazy. Kayla starts chewing him out, ranting about how hard she and his father work to put him through school and how he never appreciates their efforts. Mom is ready to explode telling him about the stress she is under. She is angry, but decides to relieve stress in the pool. She puts on her skimpy bikini and immediately notices the way son is looking at her. He cant take his eyes off of her massive tits and Kayla suddenly knows how she wants to work through her stress. She takes off her top and floats over to him, putting his hard dick between her boobs and stroking him. As she sucks his fat cock, mom realizes how long it has been since she and her husband have made love. His sons big meat is exactly what she needs. She rides his cock, feeling it fill every inch of her pussy. He may be a lazy student, but son is an energetic lover who pounds her with youthful vigor until he shoots a massive load on her pussy. She still wants him to go to class, but now also wants him to service her at least once a week to help relieve her stress.
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