So Wet Kayla Green

Starring: Kayla Green

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 16, 2023
Blonde bikini MILF Kayla Green loves her life. Her new husband is handsome, successful and provides her a wonderful lifestyle. She loves the big house and cant get enough of the huge indoor pool. Her life is close to perfect, but it does get a little lonely when her husband is away on business. Even that cant stop the busty wife from getting her rocks off. With no one around to interrupt, she wears her skimpiest bikini and enjoys the quiet around the pool. The water is so soothing and she can be alone with her thoughts of her sexy husband and the fun they will have when he returns. The sexy thoughts fill her head and turn her body on. She imagines waiting for him in the water, half naked and ready to ravage him. As she gets increasingly turned on, Kayla loses her suit and swims around naked. The water on her skin feels amazing as it caresses her every curve and penetrates her. She gets out feeling refreshed, but hornier than ever. Spreading her legs, she dreams of her man coming home and ravaging her needy body, fucking her every hole until they collapse together, exhausted and happy. It isnt quite as good as the real thing, but it will do for now. She will make sure that when he gets home, he will know just how much she has missed him.
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