Frankly Speaking Mom Is Cheating

Starring: Shalina Devine

Sexy Shalina Devine is have a torrid secret affair. At least she thinks it is a secret. One day her lover drops her off and says good bye with a passionate kiss. Shalina does not realize that her stepson is home and sees the whole thing. Caught she wants to make sure he doesnt tell his father. He has no desire to ruin their marriage, but does want something from sexy mother. He will keep her secret if she makes his fantasy of banging mom come true. Shalina is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her husband from finding out about the affair. Besides, son is handsome and as she soon finds, out has a huge cock. Sucking it, she feels it grow in her mouth and as he bends her over to fuck her, Shalina finds herself glad that son found out about the affair. She is just about to cum on his young cock when her husband calls and ends the fun. Undaunted he waits until his father leaves the next day and then sneaks into the bedroom where Shalina is taking a nap. He pulls her panties aside and fucks her pussy. By the time she wakes up he has gone balls deep into her and she is not about to stop him. She has not forgotten their agreement and this time Shalina is not going to stop until they both get to cum. Bouncing her big-tits in his face while she rides is cock, Shalina gets herself off and then sucks his dick clean until he explodes all over her face. He will keep the affair a secret, but only if Shalina fucks him once a week. She is more than happy with that agreement.
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