You Gonna Be Late For The Birthday Girl


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DarkRoomVR Published on May 10, 2023
Mona Blue is excited about celebrating her friend's birthday. Her friend has a new apartment and Mona has never been there. She rings the doorbell, expecting to find a party, but discovers she is at the wrong address. Shalina Devine invites her in so she can wait for a ride. Mona realizes right away that she has made a mistake. Shalina's boyfriend locks the door behind her and the couple have their hands over the lovely young blonde stranger. Mona is frightened and confused, but excited by their touch. Her body is on fire as they pull her top down and play with her little nipples. Share the extreme kinky VR Fantasy as the stranger pulls out his cock and Shaline guides the trembling young blonde to her knees. She has never sucked a strange dick before, but opens up and takes him between her lips. Shalina turns her around and has their new friend give her the same treatment. It is her first taste of pussy, but she doesn't dare say no to the aggressive couple. They position her on all fours. Shaline spreads her young cheeks and he rubs his cock against her tight, wet pussy. Mona protests that she has a boyfriend, but they don't stop until his meat is balls deep into her. Shaline spread her legs and guided Mona's mouth to her pussy. With Shaline encouraging her man to fuck the young stranger harder, Mona found herself being pounded like never before while eating pussy and trying to scream out in ecstasy. Her boyfriend never fucks her this hard and he never makes her cum like this. Mona forgets all about him as she shares a big load of cum with Shaline. This kinky couple may keep their young friend as a slave and Mona is ready for nothing less. VR-Porn Scenes don't get much hotter than this.
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