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Landlords Rules

Starring: Lika Star, Mona Blue

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 18, 2023
Best friends Lika Star and Mona Blue need to find a place to live. They can't afford to live on campus and pay for school. Pooling their money, they go looking for an apartment. After weeks of searching, they finally find a place they can afford. It is a room in the home of a married couple. They are not especially comfortable with how the man looks at them, but they have no choice. School starts in less than a week and they need a place to live. They try to avoid you, but one night when your wife is away on a business trip, they are alone in the house with you. In this VR porn video, you come to their door and say you want to discuss their rent. They are already late and know that you could kick them out if they don't make you happy. You offer them a deal and will forgive the late rent if they do everything you ask, including acting out one of your favourite VR-Porn fantasies together. Taking out your cock, you watch the two young blondes as they move towards you. Knowing this is the only way they can stay in the house, the girls take turns sucking your dick until you command them to take off their panties. They take turns getting fucked by your big cock and tasting their cum on your throbbing meat. You promise to give them a break on the rent if they promise to let you shoot your load on their faces once a week. It is a bargain the two pretty blondes cannot refuse.
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