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From Masha With Love

Starring: Lika Star

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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 6, 2023
Pretty blonde Masha (aka Lika Star) has been feeling a little neglected by her boyfriend lately. He is so busy work that he just comes home and collapses on the couch every night. She misses going out with him, but also misses the passion in their love life. She greets him just as he gets home one night and asks for his opinion on a new outfit that she purchased. Knowing that her pert round ass always turns him on, she squeezes into a tight pair of shorts, cute top and colorful socks. Modeling the outfit for her boyfriend, Masha makes sure to slowly bend over and let him get a good look at her ass. It has the effect she was looking for and she has his full attention and judging from the bulge growing in his pants, has him interested in giving her what she wants. 'I know you are tired,' she whispers. 'But wont you please play with me?' He happily and enthusiastically agrees as she coyly removes her top and slips out of her shorts to show him the full extend of her young, tight, naked flesh. He takes out his cock and she smiled at how big and hard she has made him. Spreading her legs she starts to rub her pussy, asking him to stroke his cock along with her. Their eyes lock as they play together. Masha feels how much she has missed him and cant wait for him to carry her upstairs and give her the sort of fuck she has been dying for. The thought of his body on top of hers, his cock thrusting in and out of her, is too much and Masha cums all over her thrusting fingers. When she opens her eyes, her man is right in front of her, his cock hard and his hand waiting. Upstairs they go.
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