You Will Learn The Lesson Bitch


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DarkRoomVR Published on May 12, 2023
Stern teacher Tiffany Rousso is holding a private lesson for two of her new college students. In this 7K VR porn video, she notices that they are not fully focused on their studies. The male student is far more interested in sneaking a peek as his lovely young partner Lika Star. With so much sexual tension in the room, Tiffany knows that no work will get done. She has to do something to change that. Chastising them both for flirting with each other, Tiffany takes matters into her own hands. She feels Lika's nipples poking through her dress and points out her male student's clear bulge in his pants. After instructing him to take it out, Tiffany tells Lika to hold his stiff dick in her hands. She has never seen a hard cock before and is curious. When just like a Virtual Reality Porn fantasy, Tiffany guides Lika's mouth to his cock and she gets her first taste. Unable to resist, the horny teacher moves in to share in the blowjob duties. They need to relieve the tension immediately. Tiffany bends over and lets her male student fuck her from behind while she licks Lika's tight pussy. Giving both students experiences they have never felt has Tiffany climaxing in no time. She trades places with Lika, watching as her pretty blonde student gives up her cherry while also learning to lick pussy. With her young students learning quickly, the horny teacher gets fucked and licked until she explodes. Not wanting to leave them unsatisfied she instructs him how to fuck Lika to climax and then strokes his cock until he shoots his load all over her pretty young face. They have both learned more today than from any other teacher ever.
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