Teamwork Is Everything

Starring: Lika Star, Mona Blue

Sexy Lika Star finally has her shy friend Mona Blue convinced to make more xHamster content. The last time they tried, Mona’s stepdad caught them and ended up fucking both girls. It was a lot of fun, but they forgot to film it and really need some good VR content. To make sure they do it right, Lika insists that they recruit Mona’s stepbrother to help since he is on the site all the time. He agrees to help them shoot some VR content even though it makes him uncomfortable watching his stepsister get naked and make out with her friend. They are cute together and you know that the content will do well. You encourage them to take off more clothes and to get more intimate with each other. Lika can see how much they are turning you on, but this time the girls focus on the task at hand. They have to make hot VR content and not get carried away no matter how tempting the cock is. You encourage them to go further, spreading their pussies and rubbing them. Mona cant believe her stepbrother is encouraging to do such naughty things, but the visible bulge in your pants turns her on. The girl spread their legs wide open and start to play with themselves. Mona sees how turned on you are and fingers herself harder and faster, matching Lika’s lusty movements. As they both get close to cumming, Lika asks if you will join them next time. Hearing you say yes makes Mona cum as she thinks about sharing your cock with her best friend. Maybe they will let her stepdad film the whole thing.
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