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Fishermans Friend got Sucked

Starring: Nicole Love

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RealityLovers Published on Dec 4, 2023
It's fishing time! Fishing is usually an activity where people enjoy a moment of calmness, but since this is a VR porn video, things are, of course, going to get pretty wild. You, a fisherman, are waiting for a fish to finally catch your bait while other fishermen are drinking beer. It's a lazy weekend afternoon, so you close your eyes and a sexual dream starts: A mysterious naked woman comes out of the water and is walking in your direction. Is this a twisted sexual fantasy? Nicole Love starts to suck your dick and soon slides her exquisite outie pussy on your hard dick. A hard intercourse by the lake and on a boat follows, and now it's up to you to realize if this is real life, or just a dream.
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