My Stepbro Does It Best


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VirtualTaboo Published on Apr 7, 2024
Lady Bug has been holding on to a juicy secret and just has to tell someone. In this VR porn video, she invites her best friend Nicole Love over to spend the night and decides to confide in her. Recently Lady Bug has been fucking her stepbrother. Her pretty friend is shocked to hear the news. Lady Bug explains that it isnt really that shocking. He’s just her stepbrother after all and he’s also got a great cock. Neither of them realizes that Nicoles stepbrother is in the doorway and can hear everything that they are saying. When they see him, he asks Nicole if she would like to see his big cock. She is not about to say now and Lady Buy is only too happy to share some dick time with her best friend. Nicole gets a taste of that dick and finds that her friend was not exaggerating about his size. Turned on now, she wants to see Lady Bug suck your big pole. You are ready to fuck and stacks the girls on top of one another to make it easy to slide from one hot, wet pussy to the other. You fuck them both balls-deep in the pussy, but Nicole wants something more. With Lady Bug holding her cheeks open, she begs you to fuck her tight asshole hard and deep. It is exactly the sort of fucking she needed and to thank you, she joins Lady Bug as they suck your dick until it explodes on their pretty faces. Sharing a cock and a cumload with her best friend is now Nicole’s favourite activity.
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