Meeting The Neighbour


When a new neighbor moved in, Lady Bug was frightened of him. An author, somewhat famous for his horror novels, he was a mysterious man and she wanted nothing to do with him. Her stepmother, Kathy Anderson preferred to welcome him to the neighborhood. She made him a pie and to help convince her stepdaughter that he is a good man, she brought Lady Bug with her to give it to him. As soon as Kathy meets him, she understands why Lady Bug is so intimidated. He thanks them for the pie and tells them they should stay. The handsome stranger has a commanding presence and it makes both women feel surprisingly horny. Join the dark VR Fantasy action as mother and daughter descend into the lair of a sexual deviant. He approaches Kathy and touches her face. She shivers at his touch and opens her lips when he puts his fingers to her mouth. Seeing mother submit like that filled Lady Bug with fascination and fueled her arousal. He tells them to lift their skirts and when Kathy complies, her timid stepdaughter does the same. Liking what he sees, the man removes their panties and stuffs them into their mouths like in his favorite VR-Porn Series. Ordering them to spread their legs and rub their pussies he stares intently as mother and daughter dutifully follow his instructions. Lady Bug had never seen a man's hard cock before, but when the stranger took his out, mother put it right into her mouth. Not content with their mouths, he bends Kathy over and fucks her roughly in front of daughter. Watching her makes Lady Bug nervous, but the dark stranger takes her with brutal thrusts that make her body tingle with forbidden desires. The stranger takes control of Kathy and Lady Bug, fucking them relentlessly and having them share a sticky cumshot. He expects them to come over once a week from now on.
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