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Love Has No Limits With Uncle

Starring: Lady Bug

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 1, 2024
Things have been boring for Lady Bug VR since the quarantine began. Used to a lot of attention from guys at school and plenty of sex from her boyfriends she has found no one to feed her appetites and has become uncontrollably horny. Other than her parents, her new stepmoms brother is the only one in the house. One day when the boredom and the longing her in her young body are just too great, she decides to seduce handsome uncle in this VR porn video. While he is eating his breakfast, Lady Bug sprawls out on the bed studying in just her panties and a tiny top. Knowing that he is watching, she arches her back and wiggles her ass. Catching him looking, she takes it to the next level. Sitting beside him, Lady Bug eats a pastry in this VR porn scene, seductively licking the cream in a way that has his cock growing in his pants. Knowing it is wrong, he cant resist when a sexy young niece pulls his cock out and puts it into her mouth. It has been months since she has had any dick to play with and Lady Bug sucks his dick like shes never sucked anyone elses giving you amazing virtual reality experience. Not satisfied with just a taste, Lady Bug leads him into the bedroom and begs him to fuck her tight, wet pussy. It is a tight fit after all this time, but she can take it and starts moaning so loud that he has to silence her with the bedsheets. When he gets close to cumming, Lady Bug starts sucking him again. The sight of her adorable face bobbing up and down on his prick is too much and he explodes all over her. As she sucks out every drop she knows that the rest of her time in quarantine will not be so lonely.
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