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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 7, 2023
Jasmine Jae and her husband are prepared for a difficult conversation with daughter Emily on her nineteenth birthday. She is adopted and they have a secret to share with her. Their most sacred fantasy is to dominate her with rough sex, and submission is what they expect from her. Emily is shocked, but also very into the kinky games the parents have planned for her. Deep down she always knew and is happy that she can finally act on the the dirty, forbidden feelings she always had for mother and father. They waste no time getting to the fun. Daddy chokes Emily while Jasmine reaches under her dress to play with her already wet pussy. It is clear that Emily is a bad girl in need of a spanking from her daddy. They have her strip and then please mommy by sucking on Jasmines huge tits. Her mouth is quite good and Jasmine wants her to show daddy just how good by sucking his hard cock. Emily happily pleases them both, feeling so loved and cared for. Sharing a blowjob with mommy is fun, but she wants to feel daddy deep inside of her tight pussy. He sits her down on his dick while Jasmine guides Emilys mouth to her horny twat. Learning from the experienced couple, Emily is a quick study and pleases them both with her mouth and tight holes. They cum all over her and she knows that she has never felt so loved, protected and ready to please.
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