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Jasmine Jae Is Your Virtual Bae

Starring: Jasmine Jae

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 16, 2023
Staying with your best friend for the summer was a great plan. They had a beautiful home and it allowed you to see Europe without blowing your college tuition. They welcomed you with open arms and it came with hidden benefits. Your friends mom, Jasmine is gorgeous and loves showing off her sexy body around the house. You enjoy the show, keeping your glances discreet so no one notices. One day when no one else is at home, Jasmine comes into your room. She has noticed you noticing her and wants to talk to you about it. You are worried she might kick you out, but to your surprise, Jasmine is not angry. She is wearing a little black dress and a pink bra and explains she wants to show you more of what you have been peeking at. Lifting her dress, Jasmine assures you that she wants you as badly as she knows you want her. She strips and you cant believe how hot she looks with her long legs and huge tits just staring you in the face. Jasmine has a proposition for you. She needs good cock occasionally. As she spreads her legs Jasmine makes it clear. If you want to stay in their house, you are going to need to fuck her. Are you man enough for fuck this beautiful horny MILF the way she needs?
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