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Starring: Serina Gomez

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 3, 2024
Beautiful teen Sereyna Gomez VR is very excited about her date tonight. Her boyfriend has been out of the country on business for two weeks. They have a romantic evening planned including dinner at her favorite restaurant and a long night of drinking and dancing. She has been saving some sexy lingerie for the occasion and squeezes her curvy body into them as she gets ready. When she was ready to put her dress on over the sexy attire, Sereyna heard the door to her apartment open. She looked up and saw her man standing in the bedroom doorway. He could not wait for their date to see her. She wants to run to him, but he motions for her to stay on the bed. Sereyna can feel the desire in his stare and knows that he likes what he sees. Watching him rub his cock through his pants, the slips off her top and plays with her big-tits. By the time the rolls over and spreads her legs, her pussy is wet and ready. Sereyna rubs her lips and slides her fingers in to show him she is ready. She has missed him so much that she can?t wait to have him inside of her. It is time to skip dinner and get right to the action.
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