Squirting For Dummies


Rebecca Volpetti has her friend Sereyna Gomez over for the weekend. The girls decide to snoop through Rebecca’s stepbrother’s room to see what they can find. They discover a book on squirting and decide to read it. Neither of them has ever squirted, but they have seen it in VR-Porn and heard other friends talk about it. The girls try out the techniques in the book and Sereyna is amazed by how good her friend’s fingers feel in her tight pussy. She is so close to cumming when Rebecca’s stepbrother walks in on them. He was hoping to get some alone time with his VR Headset and some hot porn, but instead finds his sexy stepsister fingering her hot friend. It turns you on so you decide to take a chance. Pulling out your cock, you let them know you are watching. Sereyna is embarrassed and then shocked when Rebecca suggests that they not let such a big hard cock go to waste. They take turns sucking on your fat pole. Rebe?ca is an experienced cocksucker who guides her friend’s head as she learns to take it deeper. While she gets to feel the cock first, the pretty blonde uses her tongue to finish what she started with her fingers. Since it is your book, you know the tricks and makes Sereyna squirt all over the floor before you shove your cock in and fuck the shit out of her. Rebecca waits patiently until her stepbrother is ready to give her the same treatment. The girls love learning to squirt and work together to make sure you also get to spray your juices all over their faces. They share the cream and spit it back and forth. Learning lessons with your best friend is fun.
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