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Family Business

Starring: Elena Vedem

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 24, 2024
Pretty college student Elena Vedem is struggling financially. Her scholarship check has not come in and the family is getting low on food. In this VR porn video, she asks her stepfather for some money, but he refuses. Elena even tries flirting with him, but he remains firm. There is no money to give until his next paycheck. As she flips through the mail, Elena finds a flyer offering cash for sperm donations. Inspiration hits the pretty young teen as she figures out to end her family's financial woes. Join Elena on a Taboo VR Fantasy as she convinces dad to donate a load of sweet cock cream. He doesnt take her seriously until she grabs his cock and pulls it out of his pants. She always imagined it was big and is happy to see that she was right. He tries to resist for a moment, but her mouth feels too good and this is for the family after all. Sucking that big dick makes Elena horny and she wants to get some fun before collecting the sample. He is surprised, but holds her ass while she slides her tight little pussy down over his big throbbing boner. It was the best fuck for Elena in a long time and she wanted her new daddy to give it to her even harder. He has to be careful not to cum inside of her because she needs to see if his load is big enough to turn in. Elena makes him pull out to see if he can fill her entire mouth with jizz. Daddy passes the test and promises to donate his sperm once a week as long as sexy daughter helps milk it from his big cock.
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