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Rainbow Soul

Starring: Elena Vedem

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 27, 2024
After your wedding, your wife got a great job far away from her family. The job is great, but you can tell she misses them. When your new wife asked if her daughter could stay with you while she searched for an apartment, you didnt hesitate. It was only for a short while and you were happy to help out the family. What you didnt realize is that her daughter has grown up since wedding and at eighteen, Elena looks like something you might jerk off to on a VR-Porn site. Having her around the house is difficult, but you try your best not to stare at her when she runs around half-dressed. You didnt do a good enough job, however, and as soon as you are alone together, she starts flirting with you. Dressed in just a colourful sweater, knee socks and panties, she tells you how she has seen you looking at her and that she wants you too. You know it is wrong and tries to resist, but she pulls off her sweater to show you her young, tight body. Elena Vedem VR promises not to tell mom if you just give her your big cock. In this 7K VR porn video, she takes off her panties and shows you her sweet, wet pussy. Her fingers slip in as she begs you to fuck her. You know that getting caught would end your marriage, but how can you say no to this cute blonde, especially when she needs it as much as you do?
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