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Yes This Is Real Double Twin Swap


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VirtualTaboo Published on Jan 29, 2024
The Dellai Twins and Zee Twins have a lot in common. They are all smart, talented and very pretty. They attend the same exclusive private school and both have new stepfathers who happen to be lifelong best friends. In this VR porn video, the girls and fathers have plans after school, but the twins arrive late. Their teacher held them after class, but dads are still angry with them. Thinking quickly, the twins come up with a plan to get out of trouble. They will swap stepfathers and give them a VR fantasy come true by fucking and sucking them. The Dellai Twins get on their knees and pull their friends’ dad’s cock out. It is big and hard and only grows as the two adorable twin sisters pass it back and forth. Already out of trouble, the mischievous sisters decide that since both daddies are step-fathers, it wont hurt if they go ahead and switch. What could be better than having sexy twins sucking your cock? Having two sets of twins taking turns sucking it of course. While one lucky daddy has four eager mouths servicing his meat, his best friend has four tight, young pussies just dying to be stuffed by daddy dick. These naughty teen twins know how to fuck and suck, never letting up and eating some pussy along the way as well. Pairing off, they decide to make sure that each daddy gets a twin from each set, allowing them to drain those big dicks dry and share virtual sticky cum kisses. With horny girls like this living under their roofs, these daddies will need to keep in great shape to keep up with their dirty desires.
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