Wanna See My Wood

Starring: Sheryl X

Sheryl has always been a dedicated student. She approaches every class she takes with absolute focus and strives to learn all she can. This semester, her most challenging class is Botany. It is difficult and requires extra study time on the weekend. While her stepbrother watches VR porn videos, Sheryl does her studies. She thinks nothing of wearing skimpy outfits around the house to stay cool in the warm months. Sheryl notices her stepbrother staring at her and wants to share some of what she has learned. You arent interested in the flowers but is happy to have her closer to you. Being so close, she can feel the heat coming off of your body and sees you trying to peek down her top. Her hand grazes your cock and she can feel how hard he is. You deny it, but Sheryl demands to see your dick immediately. You take it out and she is pleased to see that it is bigger than any she has ever seen in VR porn. Putting it into her mouth, she gets right to the point. She needs to be fucked and wants you to be the one who takes care of her needs. Sheryl tosses her panties aside and before they hit the ground you eagerly slide your cock into her tight wet pussy. It is a lot more fun fucking that studying and the harder you slam into her, the louder she gets. Sherlyn cums all over your cock and never wants it to end, but you pull out and shoots a creamy load all over her glasses and pretty face. Next time she needs a study break, she knows where to turn.
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