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SelfIsolation Can Be Fun

Starring: Sheryl X

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VirtualTaboo Published on Mar 9, 2024
Sheryl X is looking forward to a relaxing day. With her parents gone, the house is finally quiet enough for her to catch up on some reading. She curls up with her favourite book and is enjoying herself when her stepbrother comes into the room. He is busy on his phone, but stays quiet and does not bother her. As she reads Sheryl gets the feeling that you are watching her. In this VR porn video, she sneaks a peek and finds you staring up her skirt at her panties. Instead of being angry, she finds herself getting turned on by your leering. She shifts on the chair causing her skirt to ride up higher and allowing you to see even more of her exposed flesh. She lifts her skirt up over her ass and spreads her cheeks knowing it is driving you crazy. Having this much power over you makes Sheryl’s pussy wet. Showing you more, she pulls down her top and encourages you to take out your cock so she can watch you stroke it for her. The faster you stroke, the harder you get. The harder you get, the more she wants to strip off her panties and fuck her horny hole. Spreading wide she lets you have a good look while she slides her fingers over her clit and inside of her juicy pussy. As she makes herself cum, Sheryl promises herself that the next time her parents leave, she is going to do more than just teasing her studly stepbrother.
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