Do You Think I Can Win


Summer is finally here and Jayla De Angelis cant wait to get outside and show off her new swimsuit. Her sorority has an annual competition for who can make the sexist swimsuit and she hopes that hers will be the winner. Before she goes to the competition, she wants a second opinion. The only one home is her stepbrother, but she trusts his opinion since he spends all day watching VR-Porn and knows what turns guys on. In this VR porn video, she comes out in a suit made of just strips of tape that leave nothing to the imagination. Your immediate reaction is to let your mouth drop wide open when you see how hot she looks. She loves your reaction and invites you to help her finish the suit with a few strategically placed strips of tape. You agree and cannot hide the bulge in your pants as you apply the tape to her inviting young flesh. Jayla hands you her phone and asks you to take some pictures for the contest. You snap photos while she poses. Seeing how you react to her body turns her on and she decides to go for it. You are shocked when she starts sucking your cock, but doesnt stop your horny stepsister. Once she has your cock hard, there is no stopping her. She spins around and begs you to fuck her. Who is going to turn down someone this hot? Jayla doesnt care about the contest any longer. She is getting the best fuck of her life and loves every throbbing inch. She is having such a good time that she doesnt remember to tell you to pull out. You leave a big surprise load deep inside of her.
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