Barely Naked


Jayla De Angelis wants to win her sorority swimsuit challenge in the worst way. The challenge is to make a suit out of things from home that will turn all the guys on. Most of the other girls had some sewing skills and made suits from other clothes. Jayla has another idea. She uses some brightly coloured tape and places it strategically on her body to create a look that she hopes will give her the win. Pleased with how it looks, Jayla wants a man’s opinion to be sure it is sexy enough to turn the guys on. She goes into her stepbrother’s room and finds him watching VR porn. You are annoyed by the interruption at first, but gets a look at Jayla and cant believe your eyes. She asks you what you think and giggles as you try to hide your hard-on. Turning around to show off her bare ass she asks you to look really closely to see if there any improvements she could make. You tell her it’s perfect and sure to win, but she doesnt believe you. If it really is sexy enough to win you would be stroking your cock already. Jayla stands in front of you, staring as you pull your meat from your pants and starts stroking for her. She gets excited watching. If this suit is hot enough to make you stroke off to your stepsister, she is sure to win. Your cock is so big and hard that she just cant help herself. Her fingers find their way into her sweet, wet lips. Before she knows it, she is fucking her horny twat while you shoot your jizz all over the floor. Jayla cums on her fingers thinking about how she is going to fuck you after the contest.
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