Bedtime Story

Starring: Sheila Ortega

Sheila Orega has always had a high sex drive. When she married her husband, she knew that his sex drive did not match hers, but he was a good man and could afford to give her all the things she thought she wanted. After two years of marriage she has become frustrated with her husband’s lack of sex drive. She wont cheat on him for fear of losing the lifestyle she has become accustomed to. That doesnt mean it is always easy. Lately she has been uncontrollably horny and finds herself jealous when she peeks in and finds her stepson’s girlfriend sleeping in bed. Sheila can only assume her stepson fucked her silly the night before. While she is checking out the girl in bed, you get a good look at her big juicy ass and cant help yourself. In this VR porn video, you reach out and grab her cheeks. She is shocked when she turns around and sees that your cock is out and hard. It is also huge and just the sort that drives Sheila wild. She knows it is wrong, but it has been so long since she has had any cock that she just cant help herself. You love the way she sucks your cock and even with his girlfriend sleeping inches away you slip your long bone into her neglected hole. It is exactly the sort of fucking she has been missing and as she rides you to orgasm it is difficult for her to stay quiet. They manage to finish with Sheila eating a big load of your cum before you get caught. As she swallows every drop, she knows that she wont be missing good dick any more. Not when she has such a good one right here at home.
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