Ready For The Beach

Starring: Natasha Teen

After the long lockdown, Natasha Teen has been working hard to get her body back into bikini shape. Looking forward to summer in the sun showing off her toned body in her brand new suit. Trying it on, Natasha admires herself in the mirror, thinking she looks pretty good in the skimpy ready swimsuit. What she needs is a second opinion. The only person home is her stepfather so Natasha goes into his study where she finds him with a VR headset on. You try to play it off, but she knows she has caught you watching porn and seeing you flustered turns her on. You try to dismiss her and tell her to ask her mother what she thinks of the suit. Natasha tells you that mom is gone, they are all alone and she really needs to know what a man thinks of it since she wants the men at the beach to be turned on. No matter how hard you try, you cannot take your eyes off of her body. The suit leaves her ass completely exposed and she can tell you really like what you see. Since the suit did its job in turning you on, Natasha offers to show you more if you really want to see. You know you shouldnt but take out your cock and stroke while Natasha slides the fabric aside to show you her bouncy tits and tight wet little twat. The look in your eyes tells Natasha that you want to fuck her despite how wrong it is. Watching you shoot your load all over the floor makes Natasha cum on her fingers and she wonders if she really needs to go to the beach at all. She has all the cock she needs right at home.
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