More Than Friends


When Elisabetta and her boyfriend agreed to let his best friend stay with them, she was nervous. Having a stranger in the house, made her feel uneasy, but this was her boyfriend’s best friend and she wanted to be a gracious host. For the most part, he stayed to himself, spending more time with his gadgets and VR Headset than with Elisabetta and her man. What she didnt know was that he was also using a special camera to spy on her when she was in the shower. It allows you to watch from another room so you can stroke your cock to the sight of her lovely body. Elisabetta is about to get in the shower but forgot something so she opens the door to find you with your camera in one hand and your cock in the other. She demands to know what you are doing, but cant help but smile when she sees just how long and stiff your cock is. It has been a long time since her boyfriend has been that excited to see her naked and Elisabetta is up for a bit of naughty fun with her creepy peeper. Your dick is too big for her mouth which only turns her on more and makes her try harder to swallow every inch. She turns around and asks you to fuck her from behind. You are so big and bang her so deep. Elisabetta never knew that cheating could be so much fun. She rides you hard, feeling you deeper than her boyfriend goes and loving every inch. After you shoot your load all over her face, Elisabetta makes you promise not to peep anymore. Next time, just come right in.
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