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VirtualTaboo Published on Apr 26, 2024
It is summertime again and Elisabetta has finally found the swimsuit she is going to wear at the beach and to all the parties with her friends. She likes the way it looks but is also a bit unsure. Since she is hoping to get some attention from her boyfriend, Elisabetta needs an honest opinion from a guy. Nervous at first, she quickly gains confidence when she sees your eyes grow wide looking at her body in the revealing suit. Turning around she shows you the back which leaves her cheeks completely exposed. You try hard to hide what is going on in your pants, but Elisabetta sees the growing bulge. Feeling suddenly confident she asks you if he would like to see more. You are just friends, but she knows you love watching VR-Porn and asks you if she is as hot as the VR models you masturbate to. You tell her that she is, but she wants you to prove it. When you take your cock out, Elisabetta rewards you by taking off her top and playing with her nipples. The more she shows, the harder you get and the faster you stroke for her. As she gets wetter, she pulls her suit aside to give her fingers access to her horny pussy. Your hand is pumping your cock relentlessly, turning Elisabetta on to the point when she cant help herself. She cums all over her fingers as she watches you shoot your load. Now she knows just how hot the suit is and how much power she has over men.
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