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Come See Me Shining

Starring: Zlata Shine

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 10, 2024
Zlata Shine has been dating the same guy for over two years. She loves him, but lately, he seems a little bored with their sex life. Wanting to spice things up, she goes shopping for some sexy lingerie. After trying it on, she just isnt sure if it is hot enough to make him want her like he used to. She wants him to look at her the way her stepbrother looks at the VR-Pornstars he jerks off to all the time. If anyone could tell her if she got the look right, it would be him. Knowing you are probably busy watching VR taboo-porn, she calls you into her room to give her your honest opinion on her choice in 'fuck me' outfits. You are shocked and embarrassed at first, but she really needs you to tell her how she looks. When she turns around and shows off her nearly naked ass, you freeze in your tracks and just stare at her beautiful backside. Seeing your reaction suddenly turns Zlata on. Her boyfriend hasnt looked at her like this in so long. It’s such a forbidden thing that she cant help herself. Pointing out your boner, she slips off her bra to expose her perfect tits. The beautiful blonde offers to remove her panties, but only if you are willing to take down your pants and properly show her how much you want her. That seems like fair trade and you start stroking your cock. The sight of you pumping your big hard dick is more than she can handle, so she joins in, spreading her legs wide and sliding her fingers into her pussy. Why wait for her boyfriend to be interested when she has a hung stud waiting to fuck her right here?
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