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Your Salad My Dressing

Starring: Zlata Shine

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 11, 2024
Zlata Shine has never had trouble attracting men. She is gorgeous, fit and always down to fuck with a guy she likes. Her new boyfriend is more serious though. She really likes him and wants him to be happy long term. Her mother suggests that she cook for him and Zlata tries. The trouble is, she is useless in the kitchen. After several failed attempts at a full meal, she decides to make him a salad instead. To make sure he wasnt too disappointed she got dressed up in a crop top and the tightest shorts she had her in wardrobe hoping that the sight of her hot body might take his mind off of the food. Her stepbrother watched her preparing the meal and couldnt help but notice just how hot she looked in her outfit. She looks like a hot VR porn model from your favourite taboo movies. She noticed you noticing her and was shocked at first, but turned on to see the way you were looking at her. In this VR porn video, she loses all interest in cooking and forgets that her boyfriend is on his way over. There is a hard cock waiting for her. Pulling down her shorts, she slowly pours salad oil all over her body and asks you if you would like to have a taste. Her slicked up flesh makes it easy for you to slide your cock right into her wet pussy. After a few hard strokes, she has forgotten all about her boyfriend or the dinner she was supposed to make. Instead, she focuses on wrapping her big-tits around her stepbrother’s big cock and sucking all of her pussy juices from your meat. She loves bouncing on you so much that you both get lost in the moment and you shoot a big load deep inside of her. It looks like she may be serving her boyfriend a creampie for dinner.
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