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Can I Have Your Attention Please

Starring: Dominno

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 16, 2024
Dominno knew what she was getting into when she married her husband. She knew that was a successful businessman who was going to spend a lot of time away from home, but she married him anyway. What she didnt realize is that when he was at home, he would be too tired to be interested in sex. She tried to understand but was still a woman with needs. Not wanting to do anything to put her marriage and new lifestyle at risk, she turned to the one person she hoped might understand, her new husband’s son. Getting dressed up in one of her sexiest outfits, she explains the situation to you. You do not want to hear it at first but cant keep your eyes off of your curvy stepmom. Ever since your father introduced them, Dominno has been your favourite fantasy when you watch taboo VR-Porn scenes. Since she has your attention, she tells you that she doesnt want to go outside of the house and cheat. Perhaps you could help give her the attention and cock she needs without having to fuck strangers. To make sure you stay focused, she lowers the top of her dress and shows you her naked breasts. That is enough to convince you should at least hear her out. To cement the deal, she slips off her panties and invites you to relieve the obvious pressure growing in your pants. She spreads her legs as you begin to stroke and she cant help herself. She fingers her wet slit while you jerk yourself off all over the floor. Dominno licks her fingers clean as she tells you that from now on, every time your father leaves, you will stick that big cock into her tight hole.
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