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Sounds Of Sex

Starring: Melody Marks

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 20, 2024
Melody Marks is an industrious young coed. She has figured out a way to monetize her sex appeal without leaving her home or letting any of her customers ever see her. While many of her friends have turned to camming, Melody uses her sexy voice to record ASMR videos for customers all over the world. Even without seeing her, they love the things she can do with her mouth and keep her busy with new orders daily. She loves licking things and whispering naughty things while thinking about strangers jerking off to her dirty mouth. Melody enjoys it so much that she even gets dressed up in slutty outfits to record her new fantasy material. Then one day her equipment stops working, putting her whole operation in jeopardy. She knows right away who to call for help. Her stepbrother is always in his room messing with his VR Headset. You are happy to help but shocked to see her dressed like a bratty little VR taboo-pornstar. You love what you see but just dont get ASMR. Melody starts explaining it, whispering in your ear until your raging boner is obvious through your pants. Now that you get it, she realizes how big he is and wants to give him a try. It doesnt matter at all that you are her stepbrother, she starts recording and makes sure to slurp loudly on your dick. It is going to make for great content, but right now she cares more about getting fucked. You bang her from behind while pulling on her pigtails. She shows you the other sexy sounds her mouth can make by talking so dirty that you are ready to cum in record time. She loves watching you lose control and tasting your load as she blasts her pretty face. She has tech support any time she needs it and you have your own little fuck brat to play with.
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