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ASMR Sweet As Candy

Starring: Melody Marks

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 21, 2024
Melody Marks has been paying her way through college with a successful series of ASMR recordings. At first, she was surprised that men, and some women, would pay to hear her whisper, moan, lick and eat things. So far, her extra income has been kept a secret from her mom and stepfather. That part became more difficult when she realized that her stepbrother had stopped watching VR-Porn and started peeking in on Melody when she was making her recordings. She didnt really mind. In fact, it was kind of a turn-on for her so she made you a deal. You could watch her do her thing, but you had to keep it a secret from their parents. Today’s recording was to be of Melody licking and sucking a lollipop so she got all dressed up as a slutty schoolgirl to really get into the part. Having an audience really turned her on and the fact that it was her own stepbrother gave her a naughty tingle between her thighs. As she works her way through her ASMR script and licks the sweet candy, she can see you rubbing the bulge in your jeans. It turns her on so much she tells you to take it out and stroke it along with her. Watching you pump your prick makes her pussy wet and her clit tingle as she shows off her perky tits and slides her panties aside. As she fucks herself in front of you and your cock throbs, Melody gets an idea. Why not add some live VR porn fucking to her repertoire? She has the perfect cock for it right here at home.
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