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You Make Me Lose Control

Starring: Clara Mia

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VirtualTaboo Published on Jun 23, 2024
Clara Mia is overjoyed with the new sex toy that she bought after VR porn movie watching. It is just perfect, gives her fantastic orgasms and best of all, has a remote control that her boyfriend can use when they are in bed together. She is eager to try it out herself though and is just getting warmed up when her mom comes home. Leaving the toy in place, Clara rushes out to see her mother, forgetting the remote on her bed. While she is out of her room, Clara’s stepbrother finds the remote. With no idea what it is, but starts pushing buttons. She comes rushing into the room and finds you playing with the remote. Clara begs you to stop, but when you see what the magic buttons are doing to your sexy stepsister, you do it even more. The intense vibrations have the pretty slut turned on and dying for some hard cock in her mouth. With the toy buzzing away between her legs, she sucks your dick like a real VR porn model. You pull off her shorts and remove the toy from her pussy. Clara is so wet that your big dick slides right in. She is hot and tight and starts pushing back like a slut in heat. You fuck her hard, flipping her over so she can put her feet behind her head for maximum penetration depth. She loves your meat so much that she grinds on it, using it as her own private sex toy until she screams and cums all over him. You can no longer hold back and shoot into her wet little hole. Clara smiles at you and promises to let you do it again if you keep it a secret from her boyfriend.
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