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Dark Date

Starring: Ariana Van X

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DarkRoomVR Published on May 28, 2023
When the pandemic shut down everything, Ariana Van X was bored and lonely. She used a website to find internet penpals and struck up a special friendship with one. They wrote almost every day and she found him sweet, funny and romantic. As restrictions were lifted, he was excited to finally meet her special friend. After a long train ride, she is nervous but happy to be invited inside his home. Almost immediately, Ariana notices a change in his demeanour. Online he had been sweet and polite, but in person, he is gruff and somewhat dominant. This makes her intimidated, a bit afraid and surprisingly aroused. In this VR porn scene, he puts his belt around her neck like a leash and asks to see her naked. Ariana has never been spoken to this way and she loves it. In all there time online, he has never asked for a nude pic, but now he orders her to strip and her nipples are hard as rocks. He takes out his cock and she can't believe how big and hard it is. When he tells her to suck it, she moves her mouth into position. Her hands slip behind her back as she obediently slides her lips up and down, bobbing her head and wanting nothing but to please him. He spins her around and slides inside her waiting pussy from behind. His dick fills her up and she so wet that he goes balls deep instantly. Ariana has never fucked someone so quickly and has never felt so taken before. She will do anything to lease her new friend including letting him use her body for his sexual pleasure and shoot hit hot sticky load all over her pretty face.