Good Girls Go Bad


Ariana Van X’s and Anastasia Brokelyn have been best friends for years. Their lives have taken very different paths, especially recently. Ariana has a good job and a great relationship with a boyfriend. They have a beautiful apartment and things are going well. Anastasia is just getting out of a horrible relationship with a guy who cheated on her and left her completely broke and with no place to live. Ariana agrees to ask her boyfriend if her friend can stay with them tonight, but they really have to come up with something special to make sure he agrees. In this VR porn video, they get dressed in matching skimpy outfits and present you with the idea of letting Anastasia stay for a night. Ariana knows that you want a threesome and they have just been waiting to find the right person. Who better than her super-sexy best friend? You are skeptical at first, but when your girl has her best friend bend over for you and give you a close look, you have to agree. This is even better than the VR-Porn threesomes they have watched together. It seems like a good tradeoff to you. Anastasia gets a place to stay and they get a sexy, willing partner for hot three-way sex sessions. Ariana can see just how much you like watching the two of them play with themselves. You stroking your cock, matching the rhythm of the girls as they finger their tight, wet holes. They all cum together, cementing their agreement for a new living arrangement and a lot of fun.
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