Butt Expert Is Here


Best friends Ariana Van X and Anastasia Brokelyn are very competitive. They are among the most popular girls in school and often fight for the attention of the same guys. One day they are sitting around comparing their bodies, trying to figure out who has the bigger ass. They decide that they need an impartial judge and the only person home is Ariana’s boyfriend. Finding him in his room busy with his VR Headset on, they ask him to take a break from watching VR-Porn to help measure to see who has the bigger booty. You think they are crazy but arent about to say no. You have been dying to get a closer look at Anastasia’s big-ass and this is your chance. You watched as they measured one another, but as you pointed out, they cant get an accurate measurement with shorts on. The girls strip down to their thongs and let you get a closer look. Being so close to two such hot asses is more than you can handle. You whip out your cock and start to stroke it. Ariana sees it and is angry, but watches her friend grab the big dick and stuff it into her mouth. Seeing how big it makes Ariana wants to try some of that dick as well. Watching your girlfriend share your meat with her gorgeous friends gives you an idea. If you bend them over, they will be at the perfect angle to properly judge and you can measure their asses while your cock is in their pussies. They take turns getting pounded by every inch of your dick until it explodes all over their faces. Who wins? That will have to wait for another day.
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