Checkmate Bitch

Starring: Lottie Magne

Lottie Magne is a chest master. She is focused, hyper-competitive and has not lost a match in years. Her obsession with the game has left her little time for dating and no time for sex life. Winning is her objective and dominating her opponent is her release. Even at home when she is watching VR-Porn and using her toys to climax, she imagines dominating her partner in bed the way she dominates opponents on the board. When someone finally defeats her, Lottie is stunned at the feelings it stirs in her. Throughout the entire match, her opponent met her icy stare with one of his own. Seeing it as she realizes defeat sends her into a fantastic sexual spiral. Feeling vulnerable and fucked in the game she longed to be violated and fucked by her handsome opponent. She looked at him longingly, her mind drifting as she imagined climbing onto the table, opening her thighs and showing him how wet she has become. He is as in command now as during the match, stepping right up and slipping his big dick into her hungry hole. He flips her over, bending Lottie over and taking her hard from behind. His commanding strokes are even more impressive than his bold moves on the board and bring her to an intense climax. The young chess master has never felt so alive, so controlled, so submissive and so pleasured. He is close to climax with her mouth on his cock. Lottie never allows her lovers to do this, but she can't stop. She won't stop. She takes his load in her mouth. Defeat and submission have never tasted so sweet.
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