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VirtualTaboo Published on Feb 5, 2024
Lottie Mange has had her eyes on her stepbrother’s girlfriend Freya for some time. The mischievous redhead was waiting for the perfect time to make her move. One morning she passed her stepbrother’s room and found him gone. Freya was alone in the bed sleeping. It was too good a chance to pass up. At first, she just sat next to the bed and stared at Freya while she slept. This was even hotter than a VR Fantasy, but eventually, Lottie got bolder and pulled back the covers. Hearing her brother return home, she decided to live out one of her taboo fantasies and trick brother into fucking her. She slides under the blankets and sticks her ass out. He gets one look at that exposed flesh and just has to have some. Feeling his big cock slide into her tight pussy, Lottie lets out a moan that wakes Freya. Shocked and angry to find her boyfriend with his dick another woman, she tries to leave the room. Lottie grabs her and convinces her to stay, confessing her feelings for her friend and her desire to see her get fucked by her stepbrother’s big dick. The two adorable teens share his cock, passing it back and forth while he watches his own in-person VR-Porn Fantasy. Freya takes to the plan quickly, enjoying the way Lottie’s tongue feels on her clit and having fun watching her boyfriend fuck his slutty step-sister. They take turns getting pounded by his big dick and then share his cream, kissing one another. Freya promises to share her boyfriend so long as Lottie promises to join them in bed for long threeway fuck sessions.
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