Shopping Makes My Panties Drop

Starring: Lottie Magne

Precocious teen Lottie Magne VR is very excited. Living under quarantine has been horrible for her. She has missed shopping and getting fucked. As things open up, she hopes to remedy both. First, she takes a trip to the mall and buys a bunch of new outfits that she knows will get her the attention she misses and the dick she craves. Anxious to share her new purchases, she tears through the bags. Holding them up against her body, she asks her stepbrother to offer his opinion. You tell her that you really need to see them on to properly judge the hotness of each outfit and the likelihood that they will get her laid. She gets changed but makes you turn your head and not peek. You look of course and when your growing erection is too big to hide, Lottie wants to see. It is impressive and when you confess that looking at her made him this big and hard, she just has to have a taste. Her mouth is warm and wet on your cock as she takes him into her throat. Now that you have both had a little taste of each other you dont want to stop. You fit perfectly into her tight pussy and give her the long strokes she has been missing. No one in your favourite VR-Porn Series looks as sexy as your stepsister does when she is bouncing on your dick. Even though she knows it is wrong, Lottie cant believe she had such a good dick living under the same roof for so long without taking advantage. As she feels your cock pulse and his hot load hit her smiling face, she vows never to overlook the cock in her own home again.
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